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Bullish positions in UNG (US NAT GAS Fund ETF)

Underlying chart … A few different approaches to initiating a bullish position.  Each one has it’s nuances in terms of capital required, P&L. – A call debit spread, financed by the sale of cash secured puts. – A synthetic covered call … Continue reading

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S&P 500 – Broad Market Perspective

The market has proven all doubters wrong repeatedly and conceivably could continue to beat up any bear out there, if the recent or not so recent trend is to serve as a precedent.  Having said that, there is merit to … Continue reading

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TBT Diagonal

Over the past couple of months, bond prices have fallen steadily as a result of higher yields.  While in the short term the trend might reverse, I share the wider view that long term bond yields will rise further. Initiating … Continue reading

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USO Synthetic Covered Write (Diagonal)

Click here to view chart/PL diagram. Factors under consideration – USO has been between the 36.5-42 range over the course of this year. – Implied volatility is very low compared to the historical range. – Possibly looking for some appreciation … Continue reading

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