Bearish Hidden Divergence – EURUSD – Daily Timeframe

Click here for chart.
– Price making lower highs (D2-D3)
– Oscillator making higher highs
– Price found support at 76.4 FibFan of D1-D2.  The key was price being contained within the 88.6 FibFan of D1-D2.
– Price bounced off median line of the APF.
– The D2-D3 trendline has been broken.
– Look for shorting opportunities.  Can go to lower timeframes for that.
– If trading off the daily chart …
SL above D3 (1.3860)
Tgt1 – 61.8% FR of D2-D3 (1.3263)
Tgt2 – 61.8% FE of D1-D2-D3 (1.3000)
Tgt3 – 78.6% FE of D1-D2-D3 (1.2770)
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